About the Part Time Tourist

My name is Rose and I’m the Part Time Tourist.

Enjoying wine and oysters at the Taste of Tasmania


What’s in a name? Why the Part Time Tourist?
Like many of you I work full time but I love to travel. I also like my job. I like doing the Monday to Friday thing and I really do appreciate the break I get when travelling. I consider it part of my work life balance.
So I travel part time. The weekends, annual leave, long weekends and generally anytime the husband and I can. Sometimes this means cashing in all our annual  leave at once like we did spending 5 weeks travelling around South America and Cuba at the beginning of last year. Sometimes it is a quick getaway within New Zealand or over the ditch to Australia.
Sometimes  I travel like a tourist. I do touristy things like go up Machu Picchu or go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Sometimes I avoid tourists. I do and visit random things that are off the beaten track. Sometimes I travel first class. Sometimes I travel by bus. And sometimes I am practically a local, especially in New Zealand.
What you can expect from this blog
Part guide (especially for NZ), occasional reviewer and general story teller. This is a place to record and retell the stories from our journeys.
Looking back at the last year I have been to so many fantastic places and I wanted to record them. I also wanted to get in the habit of writing hence this blog.
Hopefully this blog, the places I visit and the stories I tell can inspire you to travel even if you work 60 hours a week.
In return, I would love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. Happy reading and happy travelling.